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Ichak Adizes

Dr. Ichak Adizes is one of the world's leading experts on improving the performance of business and government through fundamental change. Over the past 40 years, he has worked with some of the largest organizations in the world, and consulted with many heads of state. One of his best-known concepts is the Corporate Lifecycle, which gives an overview on the growing and developing of organizations.

Budget: fee on request.Languages: English.Geography: USA and Canada.New.

Radislav Gandapas

Radislav Gandapas is business coach, one of the owners of "Oratorika". His clients are leaders of political parties, heads of the largest companies, and even ministers. In particular, Gandapas participated in the organization of public events for P. Globa, G. Kohl, Leonid Kuchma, Boris Grebenshchikov and brands Schick, Motorola and Doctor Theiss.

Budget: fee on request.Languages: Russian.Geography: Russia & CIS countries.New.

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith is business coach, Ph.D.,  business consultant and mentor top managers in the world. He is the million-selling author or editor of 34 books, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There – a WSJ #1 business book and winner of the Harold Longman Award for Business Book of the Year. His books have been translated into 28 languages and become bestsellers in ten countries.

Budget: fee on request.Languages: English.Geography: USA and Canada.New.

Jeffrey Hollender

Jeffrey Hollender is a leading authority on corporate responsibility, sustainability and social equity. More than twenty years ago, he co-founded Seventh Generation and went on to build the fledgling company into a leading natural product brand known for its authenticity, transparency, and progressive business practices. Author, expert, speaker, consultant, and social activist.

Budget: $30 000 >.Languages: English.Geography: USA and Canada.New.

George Kohlrieser

George Kohlrieser is an organizational and clinical psychologist. He is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at IMD in Switzerland. He is also the author of the award-winning bestseller Hostage at The Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others and Raise Performance, published in 2006, and co-author of Care to Dare: Unleashing Astonishing Potential Through Secure Base Leadership, published in 2012.

Budget: fee on request.Languages: English.Geography: EU countries.New.

Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard is a widely-known and top-rated futurist, with over 1500 engagements in 40+ countries since 2005 and an audience of half a million, primarily business leaders. Gerd focusses on near-future, ‘nowist’ observations and actionable foresights in the sectors of humanity, society, business, media, technology and communications.

Budget: fee on request.Languages: English, German.Geography: EU countries.New.

Jenn Lim

Jenn Lim is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, a company she and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos.com) co-founded to inspire science-based happiness, passion and purpose at work, home and everyday life.

Budget: $30 000 >.Languages: English.Geography: USA and Canada.New.

Bjorn Lomborg

Bjørn Lomborg is a Danish author, academic, and environmental writer, leading expert on Global Sustainability. He is an adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School, director of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre and a former director of the Environmental Assessment Institute in Copenhagen. He became internationally known for his best-selling and controversial book The Skeptical Environmentalist.

Budget: fee on request.Languages: English.Geography: EU countries.TOP-50.New.

Yuri Muradyan

Yuri Muradyan is a certified coach by ICF standards.

Budget: fee on request.Languages: Russian.Geography: Russia & CIS countries.New.

Dipak Pant

Dipak Raj Pant, an experienced field anthropologist and an (accidental) economist, is the founder and head of the first Interdisciplinary Unit for Sustainable Economy (a research department) in Italy through which he provides environmentally sustainable and socially sound development policy and planning guidelines for governmental, non-governmental and business organizations in many parts of the world.

Budget: $15 000 - $25 000.Languages: English, Spanish.Geography: EU countries.New.

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