Ichak Adizes

Budget: fee on request
Languages: English
Geography: USA and Canada

Dr. Ichak Adizes is one of the world's leading experts on improving the performance of business and government through fundamental change. Over the past 40 years, he has worked with some of the largest organizations in the world, and consulted with many heads of state.

Adizes was born in Skopje, Macedonia. In 1948, his family moved to Israel, where he completed his undergraduate studies. Dr. Adizes has a Ph.D. and M.B.A. from Columbia University and a B.A. from Hebrew University. He works in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Serbian.

The work of Dr. Adizes is carried out through the Adizes Institute, a consulting company he founded with offices in 15 countries. The Adizes Program for leading organizations to prime performance, has been used successfully by over 1,000 organizations worldwide, ranging in size from Fortune 100's and non-profits to start-ups and mid-sized companies. As an advisor to foreign governments, Dr. Adizes has consulted with the Prime Ministers and cabinets of Israel, Sweden, Greece, Brazil, Ghana, Iceland, Mexico, Macedonia, Montenegro and others.

Dr. Adizes' work has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Fortune, The New York Times, London Financial Times, Investor Relations Daily, Nation's Business, World Digest and others. He is the author of 15 books that have been published in more than 50 editions and 26 languages. Executive Excellence magazine in the United States ranked Dr. Adizes 28th on its 2008-2009 list of 100 Top Leadership Consultants. He has lectured in more than 52 countries.

One of his best-known concepts is the Corporate Lifecycle, which gives an overview on the growing and developing of organizations. Corporate development is put in analogy with human aging, e.g. birth, infancy, etc. Dr. Adizes gives insight into what problems the organization will have to face in each stage, and what they need to do in order to overcome them.

Dr. Adizes received the 2010 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which is awarded by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations Foundation for contributions to humanity and for his contribution to the art and science of management fifteen honorary doctorates from ten different countries and for his consulting services two honorary citizenships and the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel form the military.