Ahmet Aykac

Budget: fee on request
Languages: English, French
Geography: EU countries

Ahmet Aykac — MPhil, PhD in Economics, professor, venture capitalist. His specialist areas are economics, innovations, information, and organisationis. Currently he is forming a second high tech VC fund, Istanbul Tulip Ventures. He was previously Founder and Chairman of GoldenHorn Ventures, an international early stage VC fund investing in high tech ventures in Turkey.

Prof. Aykac was the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sabanci University and Director of the THESEUS Institute, a highly innovative management school in Sophia Antipolis, France until its merger with a French ‘Grande Ecole’ where he was Professor of Economics until the end of 2007. His specialist areas are economics, information, and organisations.

He has published numerous books and articles in a wide range of professional and business journals.

Professor Aykac is a consultant to numerous national and international agencies and private organisations, at Board level, and currently acts as Coach at CEO and Chairman level.

He is a non-executive Director of several companies and start-ups and sits on the Boards of Trustees of several educational institutions and foundations. He has spent many years developing and teaching a range of courses on economics, quantitative methods, forecasting, finance, and organizational structures for executives, MBAs, and Doctoral students.

He spent ten years at INSEAD where he became Associate Professor of Economics and a member of the Board. He was Professor of Economics at the IMD/IMI in Switzerland before founding THESEUS. At IMD/IMI he was the Director of the MBA program and also the Chairman of the Faculty College and a member of the IMD Board. He has also taught at the Graduate Schools of Business of Columbia University and New York University.

Professor Aykac is fluent in English and French in addition to Turkish. He graduated from Robert College, Istanbul and subsequently gained his MPhil and did work on his doctorate at Columbia University, New York. He is a member of several academic associations and a fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences.