Cris Beswick

Budget: fee on request
Languages: English
Geography: UK

Cris Beswick - expert, author, speaker and strategic advisor. After over a decade as a successful entrepreneur, Cris sold his companies in 2008. Now one of the UK’s foremost thinkers on innovation he has worked with and advised some of the world’s most successful organisations.

Described as one of the ‘new breed’ of business thinkers, Cris provides expert comment and talks that focus on how organisation-wide excellence and growth through building a culture of innovation is delivered. He works globally with CEOs and senior teams on the strategy, leadership and culture required for innovation, advising forward-thinking organisations that don’t just want to be good but want to be exceptional.

Cris’ entrepreneurial background means he knows exactly what it’s like to wear the CEO’s shoes and can talk to executive/leadership teams from his own perspective about what it really takes to drive innovation and as an ex designer his understanding of ‘how’ to communicate innovation is inspiring. His tell it like it is style is not only infectious its real world stuff that’s instantly useable and instantly game changing!

Cris also sits on innovation think tanks for both public and private sector organisations and is an executive faculty member at both Henley Business School and the Centre for Competitive Creative Design at Cranfield University. He is the founder & CEO of Innovation Consultancy Let’s Think Beyond and author of the book ‘The Road to Innovation’, has featured numerous times on BBC radio, appeared on TV and has authored articles for The Times, Financial Times, The Independent, CEO Magazine, Director Magazine, HR Magazine and The Sunday Telegraph to name but a few.

Cris delivers what he prefers to call a ‘Keynote Conversation’ as an alternative to the traditional keynote speech. Preferring dialogue to monologue Cris not only inspires his audiences but also involves and interacts with them at every opportunity. Described by one client, as the David Blaine of innovation experts except you won’t box this speaker in for any length of time!

Current speaking topics are:

• Innovation & The Next Generation Organisation

• Building a Culture of Innovation

• Differentiate - Innovate - Thrive

• 21st Century Innovation - It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it!