Jean-Christophe Bonis

Budget: fee on request
Languages: English, French
Geography: EU countries

Jean-Christophe Bonis is a writer and blogger; traveler and candidate of science; director of the agency for the integration of new technologies Oxymore Inc.

An analyst in the field of the impact of new technologies on consumer behavior and strategic implications for organizations. Jean-Christophe advises companies in France and abroad, and also leads the department of strategy and research at Oxymore Inc. in London. He is also the founder of the startup, engaged in the creation of artificial intelligence. He is a mentor and mentor of organizations and start-ups in London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and Moscow.

Jean-Christophe Bonnie, a futurist, an analyst in the field of the impact of new technologies on the behavior of people and organizations, talks about what technologies and how will play a decisive role in the near future. What is the generation of today's 20-year-olds different from those young people that were 10 years ago? What is the difference between the 30-year-olds? What do modern people live in the elderly? How does the way of using everyday objects change? What are the opportunities for collecting data on human behavior and entire groups? What solutions for development will organizations find, considering all these data?