Andrei Borisenko

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Andrei  Borisenko  is a Russian cosmonaut. He was selected to be a cosmonaut in May 2003, and since 2008 he has been training as a back-up crew member for a long-duration mission to the International Space Station. In particular, he was listed as a back-up Flight Engineer for Soyuz TMA-18, which launched the crew of Expedition 23/24 in April 2010.

Borisenko served as a flight engineer with the Expedition 27, the 27th long-duration mission to the International Space Station (ISS). He also served as the commander of Expedition 28.

Inside the space station, Borisenko conducts the Russian experiment KPT-10 "Kulonovskiy Kristall". Borisenko was selected as a cosmonaut candidate from RSC Energia on May 29, 2003. He started basic spaceflight training in June, 2003 and completed it in June, 2005 by passing the state exams with excellent grades. He received qualification of test-cosmonaut on July 5, 2005 from the Interdepartmental Qualification Commission. From July 2005 to August 2008 he participated in advanced space flight training. From August 2008 to March 2009 he trained as an Expedition 24/25 backup crewmember. Since March 2009 he trained with the Expedition 23/24 back up crew as a station commander and Soyuz TMA flight engineer.

On the ground, Borisenko appeared to be in good spirits as he flashed up an enthusiastic "thumbs-up" signal shortly after he was pulled out of the Soyuz landing capsule. He and his colleagues were carried on their chairs to a makeshift inflatable hospital for further medical check ups. After attending the traditional greeting ceremony at the airport in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, Borisenko boarded a plane to return to the training base in Star City, Russia.