Leonid Bugaev

Budget: fee on request
Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Leonid Bugaev - the author of books devoted to mobility, creative director, speaker and teacher. An expert in the field of mobile solutions that help earn more in the modern world and to find time for a bright, interesting, free life every day. Leonid helps managers to find new opportunities and missing resources: time, money, communication and awareness.

Areas of interest:

  • Personal development
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Networking
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Gadgets
  • Mobile applications
  • Monetization

The founder of "Academy of Experts." Creative Director and owner of digital-agency Nordic Agency AB (Moscow-Stockholm). Advises startups and participates in online forums, conferences, speaking on radio and television. He worked in the Lebedev Studio. The last 15 years working on the Internet. Deliver to Mars, JTI, Unilever, P & G, Danone, HP, Microsoft, Intel, Apple.