David Dalka

Budget: fee on request
Languages: English
Geography: USA and Canada

David Dalka is highly qualified digital marketing leader, ecommerce, web analytics and digital business strategist. David is a recognized digital marketing thought leader who has done marketing keynote speaking internationally on three continents at major online marketing and digital business conferences.

David Dalka solves the world's hardest business leadership problems. Dalka passionately advocates integrating appropriate forms of digital business strategy at the corporate executive level. His interests are in seeing organizations outperform with a bias for action, utilizing leading edge digital marketing practices to create best-in- class customer experiences. He empowers leaders to glean the wisdom he learned at BlackRock into their organizational cultures to improve nimble decision making, customer-focus, revenue and cash flow.

Dalka was a member of BlackRock’s transformational team during the 80 to 800 employee growth phase in the late 90’s. BlackRock was a pioneer of real-time financial services analytics that migrated client information from manual quarterly paper statements to insight filled daily decision making tools delivered over the Internet. BlackRock’s enterprise-wide reports created both market leading real time decision making processes and proprietary competitive advantage. Experienced as an executive leader in financial services, high growth start ups and multiple industries as a consultant, Dalka produces rapid action plans using data and digital business strategy.

In addition to BlackRock, Dalka held positions at Alliance Bernstein, PPM America and a Fortune 500 bank. After leaving the investment management industry due to the events of September 11, 2001, Dalka completed an MBA at The University of Chicago. While attending Search Engine Strategies 2005, a global search marketing and social media conference, Dalka viewed the conversations from his unique background and spotted a crucial strategic gap. The event triggered an immediate fascination with how organizations struggled to adapt to new marketing techniques. Dalka entered a period of rapid self-learning by attending hundreds of conferences filtering the material via his background in maximizing bond cash flows and enabling real-time business decisions at BlackRock(BLK), the fastest growing financial services company in history.

Today, Dalka is an increasingly in demand business leadership speaker. His blend of experiences allows him to communicate in a unique way that can be highly tailored to multiple audience types. He has keynoted and led in corporate executive retreats across North America, Europe and Asia. As a consultant to executive leaders, private equity investors and Internet entrepreneurs, Dalka advises executives on attracting relevant customers in their target demographic to maximize revenue and cash flow. Dalka focuses his twenty years of sales and marketing experience on creating world class business strategy optimization while encouraging elite customer experiences.

Dalka’s opinions are sought after by major publications that include the Wall Street Journal, and Michael Arrington of TechCrunch deemed him “web-savvy”. They value his explanations of how to reorganize organizations for success. Dalka also contributes articles to several publications, is a guest author and often quoted at numerous websites. Peter Clayton’s Total Picture Radio program interviewed Dalka.