Mikhail Delyagin

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Languages: English, Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Mikhail Delyagin – one of the well-known Russian economists. For a long period of time was the youngest Doctor of Science, Economics (1998).Professor emeritus (2000) of Jilin university (China). Research professor, MGIMO (2003). Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2004).

In 1992 graduated cum laude from the Economic faculty of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov.

From July 1990 till November 1993 – analyst of B.Yeltsin Group of experts; resigned voluntary. Head of Conimvest group Analytical center.

From May 1994 – chief analytic of Analytic control center of the President of RF (Heads – Y.Yasin, M.Urnov, V.Pechenev).

From October 1996 – referent of the Economy Assistant to the President of RF (S.Ignatiev).

From March 1997 – consultant for economic safety to the vice-president, Minister of internal affairs, A.Kulikov.

From June 1997 – an adviser to the first vice-premier B.Nemtsov. For publications in mass media, regarded as antigovernment propaganda, was fired one day before the default on August 17, 1998.

From October 1998 to May 1999 – an adviser to first vice-premier Y.Maslukov.

From May to July 1999 – deputy director of Secretariat of the first vice-premier N.Aksenenko.

From August 1999 – an adviser to the Chairman of Coordination Council of election block Motherland-All Russia, Y.Primakov; from January 1999 – his assistant.

From March 2002 to August 2003 – assistant to the Chairman of the Government of RF, M.Kasyanov.

In 1998 headed Institute of globalization problems (IPROG) which he created. Chairman of Presidium - scientific officer (2002-2005), since 2006 - director. Chairman of the Ideology council of "Rodina" political party (2004-2006). Member of the permanent Political conference of "Other Russia" (2006-2007) and Presidium of Kongress Russian Societies.

In March, 2010 has created and has headed organizing committee on political party creation "Motheland: common sense (RZS)".

Active II class counselor of state. Has a personal acknowledgement of RF President B.Yeltsin (Order № 70-rp dated March 11, 1997).

From 1994 participated in preparations of addresses of the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly and programs of the Government of Russia. Chief developer of the program of the Government of Russia, On measures for stabilizing social and economic situation in the country (autumn 1998), participant in negotiations with IMF and World Bank in January-April 1999.

Member of Council for External and Defense Policies (1999), Executive Committee of All-Russian Union of Commodity Producers (2001), Supervisory Council of Worldwide Anti-criminal Antiterrorism Forum (2001), deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of Taxpayers (2003), member of the Presidium of National Investment Council (2005).

Author of more than 900 articles in Russia, USA, Germany, France, Finland, China, India, etc., author of 12 monographs, the most famous among them being Economy of Non-payments (1997), Ideology of Renaissance (2000), World Crisis. General theory of Globalization (2003), Russia after Putin. Is Orange-Green Revolution Inevitable in Russia? (2005), Mankind drive (2008), Mankind Crisis. Whether Russia in a non-russian distemper will survive? (2010). Head of the writing team of the book, Practice of Globalization: Games and Rules of a New Era (2000), in the co-authorship from V.Shejanovym has written the book, World inside out. As the economic crisis for Russia will end (2009).