Tim Drake

Budget: fee on request
Languages: English
Geography: UK

Tim Drake – British expert on Sharper Leadership and Energised Teams, Company and Personal Branding.

Tim spent more than a decade in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, ending up as Client Services Director of the global advertising agency BBDO. He then became an entrepreneur and co-founded a retail business that achieved a turnover of £17 million. It was called by 3i, “a gem of a company.”

Selling the business in 1992, Tim has built up a portfolio of interests. He set up, and Chairs, three Think Tanks for Chief Executives, including the Sports and Leisure Industry, with CEO’s from brands such as Nike, Reebok, and Adidas.

Tim’s latest book, published in June 2009 by Pearson, is entitled You Can Be As Young As You Think. An iPhone App of the Brain Age Test has also been created.

It is an uplifting and practical guide to moving from 'Old Brained', anxious, defensive, closed, thinking, to 'Young Brained', creative, enthusiastic and open thinking. Individuals and teams can operate far more effectively, and fulfil much more of their potential, if they can re-find their Young Brains. Tim shows your people how to get rid of their Old Brained anxieties, fears, doubts - and grumpiness - and get back to their excited, youthful selves.

They will become more in touch with what is going on in society – and how their customers are thinking and feeling. They will anticipate changes in consumer tastes and will be more creative, optimistic and enthusiastic – about their jobs, their markets and their lives. Customers today can smell at fifty paces whether they are valued by the organisation they are dealing with. Great service is the result of Young Brained enthusiasm providing genuine value. If some of your front line staff have Old Brains, they need this session.

Like sharks, brands need to keep moving to survive. And in saturated me-too markets, incremental change is not enough. Tim’s session is a wake-up call for brand owners. The world is changing faster than we imagine.


  • 2009 You Can Be As Young As You Think
  • 2006 I Want to Make a Difference: Discover Your Purpose in Life and Change Things for the Better
  • 1999 Wearing the Coat of Change: Handbook for Personal Survival and Prosperity in the Unpredictable World of Work


  • Leadership
  • Vision and Values
  • Creating Great Customer Service
  • Achieving Consistent Peak Performance
  • Making Brands Sing
  • Brand Rejuvenation
  • Young Brained Service
  • Sharper Leadership, Energised Teams