Alexander Drouz

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Aleksander Drouz is a prominent veteran contestant of the Russian TV gameshow What? Where? When?, one of the currently four "Magisters of the Game"; Vice-President of the International Association of Clubs What? Where? When?, director of the Saint-Petersburg branch of the What? Where? When?

He first appeared as a contestant on What? Where? When? in 1981 and his active participation in the gameshow has been uninterrupted since then. He holds a record for the longest uninterrupted participation in the TV version of What? Where? When?. He also holds a current record on the number of the conducted TV games (65) and victories (39).

He was awarded a "Crystal Owl" as the best player of the intellectual club (1990, 1992, 1995, 2000, 2006). In 1995, he was named the first "Magister of the Game" in the show's history. Since then, three other prominent veterans of the game also became bearers of the title, namely Maxim Potashev, Viktor Sidnev and Andrey Kozlov. As of 2014, Alexander Drouz is the only 3 times WWW World Cup Champion.

He was captain of the What? Where? When? team «Transsfera» (sporting version of the game), which he led to victory at the 1st World cup (2002). The team also won the "Mayor of Saint Petersburg" Cup in sporting What? Where? When? nine times in a row.

Aleksander Drouz was champion of the TV show Brain Ring (a gameshow closely related in principle as well as personnel to What? Where? When?) in 1990, 1991, 1994. He also twice became a champion in another intellectual Russian TV gameshow Svoya igra (1995, 2003).