Alexander Gordon

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Alexander Gordon is Russian radio and television presenter, journalist, actor and director. Head of the Moscow Institute Workshop of journalism TV and Radio "Ostankino", a lecturer in a Makgaffina Film School. Five-time winner TEFI.

According to the results of many surveys of TV viewers Gordon repeatedly was recognized as one of the best contemporary Russian TV people.

Founder and permanent moderator of the "Gordon", "private screening", "Gordon Quixote", "Citizen Gordon" shows. He has worked on "NTV" channel and "Channel One". In addition to a successful television career, Alexander Gordon tried himself and as a film-maker, creating several full-length feature films.

Almost all of the movies ("The shepherd of his cows", "Brothel Lights") were based on the works of his father Harry. He is a son of the poet and artist from Odessa Harry Gordon and Antonina Striga.