Oleg Grigoriev

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Oleg Grigoriev - State Advisor of the first class, the founder and scientific director of "Research Center Oleg Grigoriev" Neokonomika ". In 1982 he graduated from the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University with a degree in economic cybernetics.

1982-89 - Researcher of the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI), USSR Academy of Sciences.

1989-91 - TSMIPKS at MICE Kuibyshev. 1991-92 - The Supreme Council of Russia, Advisor.

1992-94 - member of the Expert Institute of RSPP.

1994-97 - The State Duma, Deputy Head of the Economic Policy Committee.

1997-98 - Head of the Economic Department of the President of Russia.

1998-99 - Head of Tax Policy and Acting Deputy.

Chairman of the State Committee for the development of Russian business.

2000-2001 - Director of the Research Center "environmental safety" of the State Committee of Russia.

2003-2004 - Deputy Director of the Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time.

2004-2008 - an independent specialist in systems of state and municipal government.

2008-2011 - Senior Economist, expert consulting company "Neocon".

Since October 2011 - Head of Research, "Research Center Oleg Grigoriev" Neokonomika ".