Dmitry Grishin

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Dmitry Grishin is a co-founder, executive director and chairman of the board of directors of Mail.Ru Group.

Services Mail.ru Group, whose co-founder and the head of the board of directors is Grishin, for many once became conductors in the world of the Internet. Almost everyone had or has mail on the "Mail". The very concept of "e-mail"  was almost identical to the box on Mail.ru. Now the Internet is used, like electricity or hot water in the apartment, but then, in the early 2000s, when the history of the Mail.ru Group and Dmitry Grishin was just beginning, everything was completely different.

Grishin believes that the company's success does not depend on the leader or the investor, but primarily on the team. Today Dmitry Grishin heads an Internet holding with a half-year revenue of about 20 million rubles. But Grishin's interests are not limited to Mail.ru Group. Dmitry, who was fond of robotics since childhood, in 2012 founded the investment fund Grishin Robotics, which supports the development of consumer robotic devices.

Dmitry is actively working in this direction, because he believes that in future robotics and Internet companies will become one market.