Sunny Grosso

Budget: fee on request
Languages: English
Geography: USA and Canada

Sunny Grosso learned early in life that happiness isn’t about ‘the formula’ and launched a colorful career path from sake trainings in California to coaching teams around the world on happiness. A trained coach with a background in psychology, she was one of the first members of the Delivering Happiness team and now holds the role of Coaching and Culture Chief, guiding their culture internally and leading the team to create more suscessful companies through culture change and the science of happiness.

Through her diverse journey Sunny has been a wellness researcher, saké trainer, ultra-runner, one of the world’s first happiness coaches and, finally, a global culture consultant.

She held key developmental roles in several business startups before becoming a founding member of the Delivering Happiness (DH) consulting team, co-founded by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com. As the Culture Chief at DH, Sunny co-built the model, developed the approach and led the services team. She is one of the few Core Coaches and is personally responsible for improving the culture at hundreds of organizations around the world.

Internally at DH, Sunny is known as the Culture Godmother, applying the science of happiness with real-time guidance to continually evolve their culture. This has been an especially key role since DH shifted to an innovative structure based on Holacracy where the team is self-managed and purpose driven. A global speaker, ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trained coach with a BA in psychology, Sunny’s got the credentials. But her street cred comes from her role as one of the world’s first happiness consultants and a Zappos culture expert. She has been an impassioned thought leader in the culture movement and featured in books such as The Decoded Company and publications like Fast Company.

Today, Sunny is a sought-after speaker appearing at events such as “Good to Great” where she inspires groups around the world with her bright and unique brand of coach-sulting [coaching + consulting]. As one client noted: Sunny is more than a name, it’s how she lives.


  • “Happiness as a Business Model” 
  •  “Starting, Scaling and Sustaining Culture” 
  • “The Story of CEO Tony Hsieh and Zappos” 
  • “Happiness is a Choice”
  • “Culture as a Competitive Advantage”