Thomas Kasas and Klett

Budget: fee on request
Languages: Russian, English
Geography: EU countries

Thomas Kasas and Klett are advisor to the rector of the SKOLKOVO business school on academic issues.

The first thought that comes to mind when acquainted with Thomas Casas and Clett - this man works very hard. His track record is extensive and impressive. Director of the international module in China of Skolkovo programs EMBA and MBA. He teaches leadership, corporate governance and the philosophy of science at the University of St. Louis.

Gallen in Switzerland, Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto (Canada), McDonough School of Business (USA) and Fudan University's School of Management (China). In addition, he is an advisor to the Rector of Skolkovo on academic issues and the owner of a successful business in Shanghai. European by birth, Thomas Casas has been living and working in China for more than 15 years.

Of course, this could not but cause him and his students and interlocutors "eternal" questions about the similarities and differences between Europe and Asia, the balance between East and West - but with an emphasis on the specifics of doing business in different parts of the world. In this issue, Thomas Casas is a rare and profound specialist.