Kevin Kelly

Budget: fee on request
Languages: English
Geography: USA and Canada

Kevin Kelly is motivational speaker, knows how to face and work through his fears. And his inspirational delivery will help audience members overcome theirs.

Now a best-selling author and highly successful sales and marketing professional, he has built a world brand on a shoe-string and succeeded when conventional wisdom believed he was doomed to fail. Honouring his Irish roots, Kevin is a master storyteller who has worked around the world with Fortune 500 companies and slum children in Africa. His interactive cocktail of the most up to date research, stories and unique exercises guarantees maximum audience engagement.

Kevin has written five books and recorded three CD's. His critically acclaimed new book "DO! the pursuit of xceptional execution" draws upon his extensive research to highlight what makes xceptional businesses and their leaders [the "Xceptionalists"] succeed beyond all odds. His interviewees are CEO's of the most compelling brands drawn from every corner of the globe and every industry with revenues ranging from US $100K to $130M.

Tom Peters said: "Now I can retire in peace. Kevin Kelly has written the book I always wanted to write. And he's done to the point of perfection--call it xceptional execution. Even the all-time best title: Do! Ah, Kevin, what a gift!" The synchronicities of Kevin Kelly's extraordinary life have moulded him into one of the world's experts on Leadership, motivation, sales and the entrepreneurial mind.