Konstantin Khabensky

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Konstantin Khabensky is a Russian actor best known in the West for starring in the films Night Watch and Day Watch as the protagonist, Anton Gorodetsky.

Khabensky was born and educated in St Petersburg, and now resides in Moscow. Khabensky was already a popular and well-established theatre and television/film actor prior to appearing in the -Watch films. However, their unprecedented success in both Russia and worldwide has made Khabensky a very popular actor in Russia, and one of the best-known Russian actors in the West.

Khabensky has been a stage actor in Satyricon Theatre (Moscow) and Lensovet Theatre in Saint Petersburg. In 1995–1996, he worked as presenter of regional TV in the department of music and information programs. Since 2003, Khabensky has been a member of Moscow Art Theatre stage cast, and a lead actor in Duck Hunt (Zilov), Mikhail Bulgakov's White Guard (Alexey Turbin) and Hamlet. Graduated from the Leningrad State Institute for Theatre, Music and Cinema in 1996 (course of V. Filshtinsky).

Konstantin Khabensky was married to radio-journalist Anastasiya Khabenskaya from 12 January 2000, until her death at age 35 from a brain tumor on 3 December 2008. He has one son by her, Ivan, who was born in Moscow on 25 September 2007. In Russia he lives in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

He took part in several American movies such Wanted and World War Z where his role as Russian soldier was cut due to re-shooting of the 30 Minutes of the ending, which was shown only in Unrated Edition of the movie.