Ilia Kolmanovskii

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Ilya Kolmanovskii - a journalist, an editor, a scientist, a guide, a school teacher, popularizer of science in all its manifestations.

He studied at the 57th school at Moscow State University at the Faculty of Biology (edition 1998) - zoologist. He worked in the Moscow State University, the 57th School Committee "Civil Assistance" (refugee children adapt Center), Oncology Center (rehabilitation and edyuteynment), lyceum "Second school", publishing house "Pink Giraffe". Freelance: "Vedomosti" newspaper, magazine Men's Health, Gala, GEO, Elle de Luxe, The New Times, «Big City", "Afisha-Mir".
Academic degrees and titles: PhD (thesis about the evolution of primates). Together with friends made in 1996 to adapt the Center and training of refugee children under the Committee "Civil Assistance" ( "Memorial"), 7 years has been co-director of the center.
For the first time has created and invented a theatrical tours in the Moscow Museum of Paleontology.
Conducted blog "Science" online snob.ru 2008-2011 gg.