Dmitry Kostygin

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries
Dmitry Kostygin - Chairman of the Board of Directors Yulmart.
Dmitry confidently moves up the list of "The richest businessmen of Russia" (Forbes), earning capital in one of the most risky and complex areas - in retail. Co-owner of such networks as "Riv Gosh", "Smile of the Rainbow", "Obuv.com", "Wild Orchid", now he stands at the helm of "Yulmart" - the largest online trading platform in Russia, the third largest Internet company after Yandex And Mail.ru Group.
At the beginning of his career, Dmitry traded in the market and even translated three books by Ain Rend, including the famous novel "Atlas squared his shoulders." This fascination, strangely enough, was the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, as it served as an occasion for acquaintance with Augustus Meyer, Dmitry's constant partner and companion.
Dmitry's new projects, which create a platform for the expansion and operation of Yulmart, are impressive not only in scale, but also in non-standard business thinking. Few retail chains, and even more so online sites, are engaged not only in their own construction, but also create huge shopping malls of new formats, such as the Optoklub "Rows" and the wholesale and retail park "Mezoji". Dmitry aims to provide the buyer an assortment of unprecedented breadth, reducing the costs of retailers and maximally approaching customers. This task is not easy and very ambitious.