Slava Kozlov

Budget: fee on request
Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Slava Kozlov is a co-founder and director of Summ( )n, the Netherlands-based research consultancy that supports companies and organizations in their strategic innovation initiatives. Summ( )n provides in-depth understanding of people’s behavior and values today and explores the societies and cultures of tomorrow, helping to change personal and collective mindsets using ‘serious games’ and other transformative techniques.

Prior to Summ( )n, Slava worked for ten years with the Strategic Innovation team of Philips Design, a design house of Philips Electronics in the Netherlands. He participated in numerous innovation projects that explored scenarios of the possible future developments for enterprises, industries and regions. He contributed to strategic design and innovation of products, services, and brands, for Philips and other clients.

Slava led and participated in a range of large-scale research projects, including design and development of ‘smart environments’and intelligent interfaces’ (such Ambient Intelligence and the Internet of Things) and also in numerous design explorations, contributing Experience Design, Design Probes and Co-Design/ Co-Creation practices. He developed a range of novel methods and tools to conduct contextual research, future studies, cross-cultural and multi-stakeholder analysis, and to enable collaborative, participatory design (from co-research to co-creation). Many of these practices contributed to what is now known as Design Thinking. Slava was one of the pioneers of using 3D virtual worlds and MMORPGs in research, and actively employs serious games and social web for research, innovation and transformation. Slava is one of the first members of the European Council of the IoT (Internet of Things), and currently a mentor with the start-up accelerator TechPeaks (Trento, Italy), HighTech XL (Eindhoven, the Netherlands), and the IT Innovation Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation (Moscow, Russia).

He is a member of the World Future Society (Dutch chapter), an advisor for the social innovation hub iX-Kerala (Trivandrum, Kerala, India) and together with Summ( )n is a member of a global design research network Reach, specialized in service innovation.