Sergey Krivosheev

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries
Sergey Krivosheev is  the owner of the pharmacy network "36.6". He began pharmaceutical business in 1997, when he and a partner bought three pharmaceutical factory, which were later merged into OJSC "Veropharm" (MOEX: VRPH).
In 2003, they established OJSC "Pharmacy Chain 36.6", combining several of their companies, to bring the asset to the exchange. "36.6" became the first Russian pharmaceutical company, which held IPO. At the time of exit on the Moscow stock exchange "36.6" included a total of 60 pharmacies in the capital and one outside.
In 2005-2007, the company bought nearly 800 provincial pharmacies, pointed Forbes magazine, in July 2007, it opened its thousandth pharmacy.