Mikhail Kuchment

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Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Mikhail Kuchment is a co-owner of Hoff, chairman of the supervisory board of PJSC Sovcombank.

Mikhail Kuchment is a modern Russian businessman who made himself. About how the soldier becomes a general, he knows firsthand. The real practitioner - Michael has passed a way from the assistant of the manager of a department of consumer electronics in company Samsung Electronics to the owner of own business.

What is the secret of his success? Healthy adventurism, enviable intuition, thorough knowledge of the "subject" and the ability to go all-in-one are one of the few key skills that make the name of Mikhail Kuchment the brand of the modern business community. Michael is a vivid example of a man who delicately feels the time in which he lives, understands the needs of his consumer and has a rare business sense. So, being the director of marketing and sales of the company "M-Video", Michael raised the sales level by 70%, launching a unique share of express lending "10-10-10" (10% down payment, repayment in equal shares of 10 % And for a period of 10 months). What now seems ordinary, then had the effect of a bomb exploding.