Yuri Kuklachev

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries
Yuri Kuklachev - Soviet and Russian actor clown. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1979).
He gained fame, first in the Soviet Union having been engaged in circus performance with cats. Creator and leader of the Theatre Cat ( "Cat's House", 1990). In 2005, the theater received the status of cats Kuklachev State Theatre of cats in Moscow.
Currently, the only theater in the world of cats created more than 10 performances. Also Yuri Kuklachev at the Theatre Cat favor his sons - Dmitry and Vladimir Kuklachev Kuklachev. Dmitri Kuklachev performances differ in that all the tricks with cats in them makes for clear through the story.
Yuri Kuklachev - founder of the educational project "International Association of School Kindness." In addition to performances with cats Yuri Kuklachev regularly "Lessons of Kindness" in schools, child care centers and even in children's colonies in different cities of Russia.