Sergey Kurginyan

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Sergei Kurginyan is a Russian scientist, better known as a theatre producer and a politician. He is the founder and leader of all-Russian public patriotic movement Essence of Time.

Sergey Kurginyan has graduated from the Moscow Institute of Geological Exploration with specialty of "geophysics" (1972). He finished the Shchukin's Theatre School (1983), specializing in "directing the drama." Sergey got his Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences, Fellow Institute of Oceanology, USSR Academy of Sciences (1974–1980). Up to 1986, he was a senior research fellow at the Laboratory of Applied Cybernetics, Moscow Institute of Geological Exploration.

Kurginyan was a member of the commission on new theatrical forms of the Theatre Union of the RSFSR and the initiator of the socio-economic experiment "Studio Theatre at the collective work contract." In 1967, while a student, Kurginyan created his own Theatre Studio which in 1986, together with the studios of M. Rozovsky, "the South-West", "Man" and others took part in the experiment "Theatre in the collective work contract." According to the results of the experiment Kurginyan's theatre "On the boards" got the status of a state theatre. The theatre of Sergey Kurginyan confesses Philosophy and metaphysical approach to the phenomena of our time.

From the 1980s, S. Kurginyan in parallel to his theatre activities was engaged into the analysis of the political process. In November 1987, the executive committee of the Moscow City Council by the decision N 2622 created the "Experimental Creative Center" which was based on the theatre-studio "On the boards" and gave him the set of premises on the Vspolny Lane in Moscow. In January 1989, Kurginyan became the boss of the organization of a new type - "Experimental Creative Center", which was established by the Moscow City Authority on the base of his theater. He repeatedly went to the "hot spots" on behalf of the Central Committee (then - leadership of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR) for independent examination.

During the 1990-2000s he took part in political activity, was an advisor to some politicians.

From July to December 2010 he was a co-host of TV program "The court of time."

He is the author and the host of the "anti show" program "The essence of time", published since February 2, 2011 on the video-hosting service Vimeo, the site of the Experimental Creative Center and the site of the virtual club "The essence of time". The program, among other things, says the idea of the messianic role of Russia in the modern world.

Since August 2011 he is co-host (along with Nicholas Svanidze) of the project "The historical process" on TV "Russia."

Sergey Kurginyan wrote lots of political books such as "Field of the response action", "Russian question", "Post-restructing", "Seventh Scenario","Weakness of power", "Swing", "Esau and Jacob", "Theory and practice of political games", "Radical Islam", "Political Tsunami".