Galina Lifshitz-Artemieva

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Galina Lifshitz-Artemieva is a writer, author of psychological novels, candidate of philological sciences.

Galina received an excellent education, and defended her dissertation in the field of semantics. She speaks German, English, Italian and Czech languages. She was a student of the famous lexicologist, Academician DN Shmelev, as well as the great Russian philosopher Professor Losev.

She was columnist ELLE magazine in 2006-2008. From 2010 to the present time Galina Artemieva cooperates with the publishing house "Eksmo", where she was the author's series of "Labyrinths of the soul" is published. So far in the series published eight books, including novels and collections of short stories. Stories of "Picnic" collection have been translated into Japanese in February 2011. She has a monograph on the topic "Types of ambiguity in modern Russian" and "ambiguity of words in language and speech. The history of the word "night" in the lyric Mandelstam ", dedicated to the ambiguous words in language and speech. A separate area of activity - success psychology and gender psychology and NLP.