Oleg Makarov

Budget: fee on request
Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Oleg Makarov is senior Partner Consulting Group TCG, which introduces a unique customer loyalty program, teaches sales and marketing. Oleg - author and presenter of trainings on sales and marketing, a permanent speaker of Russian and foreign conferences.

Visiting Lecturer, Department of Applied Economics and Commerce (University) MFA RF.

In the first established company (1993) I was the only one who read "Principles of Marketing" by Kotler, therefore, became the director of marketing.

Official marketing education received later (GAU, Hogeschool Wittenborg). In 1995, he did not find a good sales training for their Sales and began to teach them himself. Soon he was invited to provide training to other companies.

Continuing to 2009 he held executive positions in the real business (wholesale, retail, manufacturing, services), Oleg create and deliver training, writing articles about sales and marketing for the business media.