Alexander Misurkin

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Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Alexander Misurkin is a cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Federation.

1999 - 2006 - Pilot-instructor, commander of aviation unit in the Krasnodar Military Aviation Institute;
2006 - 2009 - Enrolled in the cosmonaut detachment; Qualification of test cosmonaut;
03/29/2013 - 09/11/2013 -  made first space flight as a flight engineer of the Soyuz TMA 08M spacecraft as part of the 35/36 expedition to the International Space Station, along with Pavel Vinogradov and Christopher Kessidi. In flight, for the first time in modern history, a fast scheme of rapprochement and docking with the ISS was worked out. During the space flight, together with Fedor Yurchikhin, he performed 3 spacewalks with a total duration of 20 hours 2 minutes, while the second exit, at that time, was a record time of 7 hours and 29 minutes.
Currently he is training as a commander of the TC Union in the next expedition to the ISS planned for 2017.
Speeches of Misurkin are constructed as motivational conversations on the given psychological accents on an example of selection, preparation of cosmonauts, space flight, exits to open space. The presentations use photo and video materials taken during space flight and preparation for it.
Themes of speeches:
  • Success
  • Trust and responsibility as factors of effective work
  • Teambuilding and leadership
  • Space flight and preparation for it
  • Space tourism today
  • Where did we come from? Are we alone in the universe? Interesting observations.
Similar speeches were held at Microsoft, General Electric Healthcare, 3M, X5, Gazprom, Vostochny Bank, GC "Kosmos", business forums "Atlanta", "Open Innovations", etc.