Aram Mnatsakanov

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Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Aram Mnatsakanov is Russian restaurateur, broadcaster Ukrainian and Russian television. Creator restaurants «Probka Family», has been gaining popularity as a leading Russian version of the TV show "Hell's Kitchen".

In September 2001, Aram Mnatsakanov opened "Jam" - the first private institution. In the wake of the success of "Jam" July 12, 2002 in the adjoining room has earned the restaurant «Il Grappolo» - the most important point on the gastronomic map of St. Petersburg. Among the clients of this restaurant were Mick Jagger, Paul Smith, Norman Foster, Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin. Then, the following restaurants have been opened in over 10 years combined in «Probka Family»: «Ryba", "Fish in the country", "Mozzarella bar on Moscow", "Mozzarella bar on Sadovaya", "Mozzarella bar on the Bolshoy." In 2010, Aram Mnatsakanov became chef «Il Grappolo».

April 24, 2010 Aram Mnatsakanov opened "Steak" (from the summer of 2012 - «Jerome») French restaurant. In spring 2010, he published his first book «Il Grappolo. History, recipes, travel. " The book's success has led to the interest of the producers who invited Aram Mnatsakanova on Ukrainian TV project "Pekelna kitchen" ( "Hell's Kitchen").

The summer of 2012 opened a restaurant on the colored Boulevard - the first Moscow restaurant Aram Mnatsakanova.