Yuri Muradyan

Budget: fee on request
Languages: Russian
Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Yuri Muradyan is a certified coach by ICF standards.

He studied with leading specialists in the world of coaching:

  • Leda Turai (course: "Holistic Coaching") MA, MSc, ICF Coach ICF, mentor and supervisor, vice chairman of the ICF global council;
  • Marilyn Atkinson is the founder and president of the International Erikson University, Doctor of Psychology;
  • Stephen G. Gilligen is an American psychologist and psychotherapist, a pupil of Milton Erickson, the founder of the Generative Approach in Coaching, of Erikson's Coaching;
  • Robert Dilts is one of the founders of NLP, the founder of the University of NLP, the creator of the logic level of R.Dilts.

He graduated from the course "Certified NLP business practices". He is the holder of the gold certificate of the ICF coach, certified by NLP-Master. He graduated from a number of professional courses on business coaching and psychological tools that promote and develop the skills of managers in working with staff.