Dmitry Nagiev

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Geography: Russia & CIS countries

Dmitry Nagiev is a Russian actor, TV-host, musician, showman and radio host. In 1991, graduated from the Leningrad State Institute Of Theater, Music And Cinematography.

Dmitry Nagiyev's ancestors moved to Turkmenistan from Iran after World War I. On the way to a foreign country they were all starved, including Dmitry's grandfather, who was 9 years old. Dmitry often quotes his grandfather in his television programs and attributes to him funny quotes when he jokes. Dmitry engaged in Sambo and sport gymnastics in school. He received the title of Junior Champion of the USSR Championships in the 1980s. After graduating from the Electrotechnical Institute Im. Ulyanov in 1989, he served in the army (air defense forces). He returned from the army with a broken nose, ribs and a problem with a nerve. As a result, the upper right side of his face was paralyzed – an accident which has given Nagiyev squint of an eye. He uses it in comedic scenes.

After graduating from Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy in 1991, he worked in the theater "Vremya", then was leading to "Radio-Modern" and 4 times voted the best radio broadcaster of the country. Also he was disc jockey at clubs and showman on competitions of beauty. In 1997, Dmitry created author show in St. Petersburg dancing hall "Continent”. He showed theater makeup rooms and organized a comic auctions with various artists. In 1997, he got the first main role in film “Purgatory”.